Axcel CarboFlax 550 Acclaim Stabilizer Side Rod (Open Box X1032000)


Axcel CarboFlax 550 Acclaim Stabilizer Side Rod (Open Box X1032000)

Item # X1032000


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  • Perfect for recurve and compound bows
  • The stiffest bar on the market in 0.550" diameter
  • Equal stiffness to Axcel's 0.650" bar
  • Made to handle extra heavy weight for compound shooters
  • Maintains a slim diameter for better wind resistance, ideal for compound and recurve shooters alike
  • Feature a new Carbon Fiber Twill finish with engraved endcaps that highlight the brand and model names
  • Innovative carbon design incorporates plant-based Flax materials with Ultra High Modulus Carbon to create a patented Bio Composite Hybrid bar
  • This hybrid design is stronger and stiffer than normal carbon with better dampening properties
  • Comes with one 2 ounce 1" diameter weights, a one 1 ounce 1" diameter weight, and a 1 ounce ARC vibration dampener
  • 12" Side Rod