Bohning Multi Fletcher Fletching Jig with Stainless Base (Open Box)


Bohning Multi Fletcher Fletching Jig with Stainless Base (Open Box)

Item # X1030071


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  • Innovative off-set jig face with open back design gives arrow builders perfect view of fletching during dry fit or adhesion
  • Jig base constructed of stainless steel with all stainless steel hardware
  • Both arrow retainer and nock receiver adjusts up and down maintaining equal pressure from tip to tail
  • Clamp design ensures exact alignment without guesswork
  • Inserts color-coded just like the Tower Jig Arms
  • Fletch both left and right off-set with included clamp inserts
  • Inserts for both vanes and feathers
  • 3° inserts have a max vane length of three inches, other inserts will accommodate fletch up to five inches in length
  • Will fletch .166" diameter arrow all the way to 27 series arrows
  • Adapters for Cross Bow bolts with and without Nocks
  • Positive Indexing control Knob
  • Ability to configure in 120° three fletch, 90° four fletch, or 60° X 120°

Clamp inserts: Black 3° helical RH | Red 1° off-set RH | Purple 3° helical LH | Orange 1° off-set LH | Green 2° helical LW (feathers) | Blue 2° helical RW (feathers)