Carter Like Mike II Index Finger Release (Open Box X1031235)


Carter Like Mike II Index Finger Release (Open Box X1031235)

Item # X1031235


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Buckle Strap
Product shows previous mounting marks, silver mark on wrist strap
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  • Carter Enterprises is excited to announce an upgraded version of the popular index finger, The Like Mike II
  • The Like Mike II is based on the popular Like Mike index finger trigger platform
  • Open-hook design allows for a reliably fast connection to your d-loop
  • Updated tension adjustment
  • Instead of the need for the longer case handle and adjustment from the rear of the Like Mike, the Like Mike II features the tension adjustment screw on the side of the case
  • This provides easier access for tension adjustment and a shorter case length, tension range remains widely adjustable
  • Standard configuration from the factory will give you from approximately 10 oz. to approximately 3.5 pounds
  • If you desire a heavier trigger, simply insert the supplied steel ball and your tension will rise from 2.5 pounds to a whopping 11 pounds of trigger tension
  • The next feature and change in the Like Mike II is the implementation of Carter's new Controlled Engagement System
  • Like our new thumb trigger design, the Controlled Engagement System negates the need for a trigger travel adjustment screw as the sear engagement is controlled internally by design and tolerance
  • This provides world-famous no movement triggers without the ability or need to adjust trigger travel
  • Flex Connector Wrist Strap adjusts to fit any hand size and reduces torque at full draw
  • Black strap with buckle closure