Easton 5MM Axis Custom Made Arrows


Easton 5MM Axis Custom Made Arrows

Item # 1034644


LAS Made-to-Order Custom Arrows

  • Built in-house by our team of archery professionals
  • Prepared and cleaned for maximum vane adhesion 
  • Select your desired Carbon-to-Carbon cut length
  • Select your desired Index Vane, each arrow will have 1 index vane 
  • Select your desired Hen Vane, each arrow will have 2 Hen vanes 
  • Select your desired Easton 5MM X Nock color

All arrows will be inserted at your desired cut length

All arrows Fletched at a 2 degree Right Offset with Bonhing Blazer Vanes

Customers desiring additional Custom Options please call customer service at 1-800-829-7408 to place your order.

The Easton 5mm AXIS arrow shafts are high-quality match-grade arrows perfect for hunting, 3D, and outdoor target archery. Being only 5mm in diameter, these arrows are less affected by wind drift compared to a full-size arrow, making them a great option for whatever conditions you’re shooting in. These arrows are made of high-strength nanotube N-Fused carbon composite fibers, giving them great impact resistance.
  • 5MM micro (X) diameter
  • A perfect blend of deep penetration and speed
  • High-strength nanotube N-FUSED carbon composite fibers
  • Straightness: ± .003"
  • Select the X Nock color of your choice
  • X HIT conventional inserts included will be installed at your desired cut length 
Available Spine Sizes:
  • 200 12.0 gpi)
  • 260 (11.5 gpi)
  • 300 (10.7 gpi)
  • 340 (9.5 gpi)
  • 400 (9.0 gpi)
  • 500 (8.1 gpi)
  • 600 (7.2 gpi)
  • 700 (6.1 gpi)

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