Easton A/C/C Shafts (Open Box X1034303)


Easton A/C/C Shafts (Open Box X1034303)

Item # X1034303


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Bare Arrow Shafts Only:

This product does NOT include fletching.
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Nine-2-00 (4.7 gpi) shafts
9 new shafts, uncut
Limited inventory, available while supplies last
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  • Combines the precision and straightness of alloy, with the durability and speed you get with carbon
  • Consistent straightness, durability, and accuracy
  • Extremely versatile for both hunting and target use
  • High strength carbon fiber bonded to a 7075 alloy core
  • Polished carbon finish
  • Guaranteed straightness: ± .002"
  • Weight Tolerance: ± 0.5 grains
  • Easton A/C/C UNI Bushing #2070135 factory installed, all other components sold separately