HHA Optimizer Lite X Frame Only (Open Box X1035043)


HHA Optimizer Lite X Frame Only (Open Box X1035043)

Item # X1035043


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  • Swap between you different Optimizer Scope sizes for different applications for hunting/3D setups vs indoor
  • Includes sight body only and must be used in conjunction with an HHA Optimizer 1 3/8", 1 5/8", or 1 3/4" scope
  • Optimizer Lite X features a new infinite Adjust Slotted Slide
  • No more jumping your housing from hole to hole, this new technology allows you to fine-tune at 20 yards to maximize your sight tape range
  • Bracket which enables the shooter to make 2nd axis and vertical adjustments with ease
  • Able to make micro windage adjustments left to right 
  • Elevation adjustments can be made and locked down on the sight tape from 20 to 80 yards in 5-yard increments 
  • Features RDS sight tape technology
  • Includes 2 long screws and quiver bushings to separate your quiver mount from your sight
  • 100% lifetime warranty and 100% made in the USA