Hoyt Grand Prix Carbon Velos ILF Recurve Limbs (Open BoxX1031228)


Hoyt Grand Prix Carbon Velos ILF Recurve Limbs (Open BoxX1031228)

Item # X1031228


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72" (measured on a 25" riser) 34 Pounds
Product shows previous mounting marks
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  • Offered in Grand Prix Velos only with a Matte Finish
  • Can give you a 73" Recurve When shot on a 25" riser. Brace Height Range 9.5"-10" (24.1-25.4 cm)
  • 75" Recurve when shot on a 27" Riser. Brace Height Range 10"-10.75" (25.4-27.3 cm)
  • 71" recurve on a 23" Riser (23" Epik or 23" GMX) Brace height Range 9"-9.5" (22.8-24.1 cm)
  • Wedge design provides more stability in limb pocket allowing the limb to flex more in the belly of the limb to give a smoother pull without sacrificing performance

  • Culmination of all Hoyts previous limbs technologies brought into the Velos
  • All new carbon skin to give sleek and high performance look to the limb
  • Newly designed high strength limb tips
  • Narrow limb design optimizes torsional stability, speed and create a more forgiving limb
  • Bamboo core creates a forgiving and accurate limb while still being ultra-fast
  • Wedge design and material aid in stability and accuracy for a crisp and dynamic shot feel
  • ILF style limb connection designed for any risers using the international limb fitting