Sebastien Flute NEO 23" ILF Recurve Riser (Open Box X1035659)


Sebastien Flute NEO 23" ILF Recurve Riser (Open Box X1035659)

Item # X1035659


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Sebastian Flute has taken their popular NEO ILF Recurve Riser and are now making it in a 23” configuration. This is optimal for archers who shoot a shorter draw length or are looking for a lighter riser option. The 23-inch riser length offers faster shooting speeds for archers who shoot shorter draw lengths.


  • NEO riser is the foundational building ILF handle perfect for getting started in target archery
  • Dual burger holes allow for the use of both bolt-on and stick-on rests in conjunction with a cushion plunger
  • Shorter draw length archers can achieve faster speeds with the shorter handle riser
  • Builds a 64", 66", or 68" bow depending on limb size
  • Includes clicker plate extension
  • Lighter weight risers are easier to hold on target
  • Features lateral limb adjustments for perfect limb alignment
  • Three 5/16" x 24 stabilizer bushings on the back of the riser
  • Compatible with ILF Limbs


Length: 23"
Construction: 6061 T6 Aluminum
Processing: CNC Machined
Weight: 1000 grams | 2.20 lbs