Shrewd Integrated Scope Pin for 42mm/35mm Scopes


Shrewd Integrated Scope Pin for 42mm/35mm Scopes

Item # 3990128 | Catalog Page # 156


• 8-32 thread permits eight multiple installation positions and various heights on Shrewd scopes
• Stainless steel up pin and plastic tubing protects the fiber optic and creates a fully enclosed system
• Knurled brass nut locks the pin in place and requires no tools to install
• Plastic tubing with fiber snaps into the groove present on Shrewd scopes and collects ambient light to further illuminate the fiber within the pin
• Works in conjunction with LP and ZBros light systems for additional control of pin brightness
• Integrated pin comes with 1 blue, 1 green, and 1 orange stick of fiber in the size appropriate for the pin
• Fits the 42mm and 35mm Shrewd Nomad scopes
• Made in the USA