Shrewd Remedy Arrow Rest

Shrewd Remedy Arrow Rest

Item # 3990148


Micro adjustability is the calling card of this arrow rest, which makes it a great choice for compound target archers that pay close attention to details.

• The Remedy offers an unparalleled combination of adjustability, durability, and repeatability all within a small, lightweight package
• All-new Blade Curb system adds a positive stop to the back edge of your arrow blade and creates a solid reference point for consistent blade placement and peace of mind; replace bent or broken blades exactly where they were
• Utilizes Quality Archery “Best” 2 hole launcher blade
• Micro-tune adjustment allows for the finest adjustments with ease; travels .0015” per horizontal click (half the thickness of a human hair)
• 3/4" of vertical travel, horizontal travel, and riser mount adjustment
• Sure-stop vertical adjustment eliminates the need for a lockdown
• Quick lockdown horizontal adjustment - horizontal lockdown knob has an “ND Patch” on the threads which acts like a wedge, increasing the metal to metal contact 180° opposite the material. This mechanical force creates a strong, yet fully adjustable lock which will not weaken, even under extreme vibration. ND Patch is commonly known as a prevailing torque type self-locking fastener. (standard lockdown knob installed and the ND lockdown knob in the packaging)
• Precision laser indicator lines guarantee repeatable setup on every axis of adjustment - horizontal, vertical, angular, riser mount location
• Brass-tip set screw & custom-made mounting bushing keeps you from damaging your riser or arrow rest
• Teflon anodized to resist wear & tear and provide a long-lasting, durable finish
• Weather-resistant stainless steel hardware
• Weighs 3.5 oz. (w/ mounting hardware)
• Allen wrench needed:
5/64" - vertical tension adjustment, small riser lockdown
7/64" - blade angle lockdown, blade set screws
3/16" - vertical adjustment, riser bolt, and bushing