Spigarelli Spig M.A.P. Barebow Arrow Rest


Spigarelli Spig M.A.P. Barebow Arrow Rest

Item # 4090060 | Catalog Page # 212


SPIGA M.A.P. finally a rest able to offer a real advantage in improving the flight of the arrow on the vertical plane.

  • Using the micrometric adjustment of a magnet it is possible to set the response of the rest wire to vertical stress
  • This tuneability will minimize errors on this plane allowing a superior consistency of the groupings
  • Excellent for Olympic recurves, becomes indispensable for barebow shooters where the stress of the rest wire during the shot is greater
  • Where this rest really shines is reducing the length of string walking between the distances
  • Designed to be used in conjunction with a cushion plunger