STAN Element TL Release (Open Box X1032020)


STAN Element TL Release (Open Box X1032020)

Item # X1032020


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With Training Lock -Trio-Large
Packaging was damaged upon opening and is not included,
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This is a true tension release, which means you activate the trigger by increasing tension on the release at full draw. This release is perfect for archers with target panic issues. The addition of the training lock - TL - means archers can practice with this release without worrying about actually releasing the bowstring. • Features Trainer Lock, a patent pending innovation from Stanislawski that allows for easy and safe training. Learn proper shot execution and build confidence in your technique before ever shooting an arrow!
• Grooved handle with a mild sweep
• Smokin'X™ sears offer extreme repeatability with the reliability and consistency you can only find in a STAN©
• Features the MPT2 knob, the first multi-positional knob, adjustable for projection, tilt and angle
• Trigger tension micro adjustable
• ErgoFit™ Technology - All STAN releases have a similar fit and feel
• Designed to be used with a d-loop