TightSpot PIVOT 2.5 Fully Adjustable 2-Piece Quiver (Black) (Open Box X1031008)


TightSpot PIVOT 2.5 Fully Adjustable 2-Piece Quiver (Black) (Open Box X1031008)

Item # X1031008


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Right Hand, Black
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  • The world's most adjustable 2-piece quiver for the perfect customized fit
  • The triple-axis adjustment (in/out, up/down, and forward/back) allows a full range of adjustability
  • 2-piece: The only fully adjustable 2-piece providing maximum arrow security, zero noise, and perfect bow balance
  • Better balance: Perfect stability and balance with the dual-locking quiver system and built-in counterbalancing intelligence
  • Premium construction: Aluminum and woven carbon fiber for weight reduction and maximum durability
  • Pre-formed foam hood insert: Accepts fixed or mechanical broadheads and won't dull blades
  • Bulldog Gripper: Adjustable arrow wedges adapt to virtually any arrow diameter. Incorporates a Quick-Draw arrow feature that places a 2nd arrow ready for quick follow up shots
  • Weight: 9 oz (including hardware)
  • Fits for most bow manufacturers: Multiple adapters included to fit most bow models from Mathews, Hoyt, & Bowtech