UltraView The Hinge Release (Open Box X1032426)


UltraView The Hinge Release (Open Box X1032426)

Item # X1032426


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Brass, No-Click, Medium
Packaging was damaged in shipping, Brass has slight tarnishing
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  • Ultraview's The Hinge release is a premier back tension style handheld with multiple configurations
  • Replaceable hooks feature a click or no click riding on a micro adjustable moon
  • Meticulously designed and precisely machined out of brass to fit your hands perfectly
  • Added weight increases forgiveness and consistency durring activation 
  • 100's of peoples fingers and hands were measured to create finger bed sizes that are distinct and allow for extreme repeatably for hand placement in the body of the release
  • Customize your HINGE with an abundance of release accessories so it fits your hands perfectly
  • 2-Finger, 3-Finger, 4-Finger and many more options coming soon
  • The access hole in the bottom of the release allows for super easy micro adjust
  • Just use a 1/16" allen key — to make the HINGE slower turn the internal set screw counterclockwise to make it faster turn it clockwise


  • 1 HINGE release in brass with the click or no-click hook pre-installed
  • 1 Aluminum peg bracket (this is not a pulling post or peg)
  • 1 Aluminum 3-Finger Funky Finger
  • 1 1/16" gold allen key for micro-adjust
  • 1 Certificate of authenticity (required for transferable manufacturers warranty)

           Notice: Thumb pegs sold separately