UltraView UV3XL Hunting Scope Kit (Open Box X1034056)


UltraView UV3XL Hunting Scope Kit (Open Box X1034056)

Item # X1034056


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Single .019 Pin
Product shows previous mounting marks
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  • 1 - Housing with a green level installed (aircraft-grade, anodized aluminum)
  • 1- Hunting Cartridge with either a single pin or double pin in 0.010" or 0.019".
  • For double pin setups: The top pin is green and the bottom pin is red
  • For single pin setups: The single pin is green 
  • 1 - UV3XL Light Kit
  • Mounting Bolts & Extra Set Screws
  • 2 - Extra Batteries (cr2025)
  • 1 Certificate of authenticity ensuring you get superior post-purchase customer service and a higher resale value if you're crazy enough to ever part ways with your UV3. (post-sales service and warranty transfer with the certificate of authenticity.)