Ultraview UV3XL SE 3 Pin Hunting Scope (Open Box X1036950)


Ultraview UV3XL SE 3 Pin Hunting Scope (Open Box X1036950)

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An acclaimed scope system optimized for UV Slider™

The UV3XL™ Slider Edition enhances precision for bowhunters prioritizing field time. It pairs seamlessly with the UV Slider™ sight, featuring the UV Cartridge system for easy pin adjustments without losing sight marks. The integrated light cartridge ensures consistent pin brightness in all conditions. Recognized for superior performance, this award-winning scope system redefines its category, enhancing your field effectiveness with unparalleled performance.

  • The UV Cartridge system allows you to seamlessly switch pin count and size. Easily swap to a 3-pin, double-pin or a single-pin setup in seconds all without having to change your yardage marks.
  • The UV Light Cartridge features 5 ultraviolet LEDs with 10 adjustable brightness settings, promising ideal pin brightness. With 6+ hours of battery life at 80% brightness and auto-off after 4 minutes of inactivity, it ensures zero power wastage, preventing unexpected dead batteries on hunts. Its waterproof design lets you remain in the field despite adverse conditions.
  • The unique LevelLight™ feature of the light cartridge uses a dedicated UV-LED to illuminate the scope's fluorescent level, enhancing its visibility—a key factor in making an accurate shot. Simply hold down the power button for 2 seconds to swiftly toggle on or off.
  • The 3-Pin cartridge features a fixed center pin, with both the top and bottom pins being adjustable. The adjustable pins offer precise, non-binding adjustments with laser-etched hash marks for reference. Machined from high-grade 7075 aluminum, this self-contained multi-pin scope assembly within the cartridge delivers pin-point accuracy in a robust and streamlined design. The fixed center pin allows you to easily swap between single and double pin cartridges without losing your central mark.
  • Single and double-pin cartridges offer a selection between fine, 0.010" pins or larger, 0.019" pins. Meanwhile, the 3-pin cartridge comes standard with three precise 0.015" pins.

*Certain features of this product are patented or patent pending.