Uukha SX+ ILF Recurve Limbs (Open Box X1032175)


Uukha SX+ ILF Recurve Limbs (Open Box X1032175)

Item # X1032175


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68" (measured on a 25" riser) 38 Pounds
Product shows previous mounting marks
Limited inventory, available while supplies last
Special pricing on this item is available online only
  • Raising the bar for speed, smoothness and accuracy
  • Sx+ with 100 % carbon offers the best speed, stability and smoothness that Uukha has ever delivered
  • S-Curve profile is a new generation of limb profile that combines the best attributes of our previous Curve and Xcurve limbs
  • This is the best choice for archers seeking the ultimate limb for accuracy, speed, smoothness and arrow grouping, as well as shooting pleasure
  • The new S-Curve profile makes the draw easy, smooth and a joy to shoot
  • See 10+ fps increase from comparable limbs with laminate construction