VaporTrail Gen 7 Drop Away Rest (Open Box X1030183)


VaporTrail Gen 7 Drop Away Rest (Open Box X1030183)

Item # X1030183


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Mathews, Black, RH
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Here's an excellent choice for the archer who likes a quiet, smoothe, limb-driven arrow rest.

  • Built off of the original limb driven system with a redesigned bushing system for smoother operation
  • New containment system is a carbon fiber substrate with a rubber overmold
  • Rubber overmold is pass-through meaning it is included in the core of the containment system and dampens sound/ vibration on your bow
  • Sideloading gate will accommodate nearly all sizes of arrows out there
  • Interchangeable containment system allows you to change the colors of the rest (not included)
  • Rest is activated by the top limb only
  • No gears, no locks, no brakes, no levers, no switches, no bells, no whistles, no problems