Win & Win MXT-10 ILF Recurve Limbs (Open Box X1032422)


Win & Win MXT-10 ILF Recurve Limbs (Open Box X1032422)

Item # X1032422


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Long-42 / 70" (measured on a 25" riser) 42 Pounds
Product shows previous mounting marks
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Special pricing on this item is available online only
  • MXT-10 limbs show a definite shock absorption and vibration reduction effect at the moment of execution compared with current MXT limbs
  • Active dampening effect from the limbs reduces the need for separate dampeners
  • Less bow torque allows accurate and stable shooting with improved overall efficiency
  • Nano carbon applied graphene developed with WIN&WIN's own technology is 30% stiffer, 60% more durable, and show gains of 20% in shock and vibration absorption compared to normal carbon
  • Construction: Graphene foam core/ High Modulus Carbon face and back 
  • ILF Compatible