Win & Win WIAWIS MXT-XP ILF Recurve Limbs (Carbon/Foam) (Open Box X1035747)


Win & Win WIAWIS MXT-XP ILF Recurve Limbs (Carbon/Foam) (Open Box X1035747)

Item # X1035747


Sorry, this product is discontinued and no longer available for purchase.


Long (70" measured on a 25" riser) 36 pounds

Product shows previous mounting marks

Packaging was damaged upon opening and is not included

Limited inventory, available while supplies last

Special pricing on this item is available online only

  • Most stable limb design since the launch of the MXT limb series
  • This limb gets into the working zone earlier than most limbs, great for shorter draw archers
  • When drawing between 26-30” the limb reduces stack and remains smooth in the clicker zone
  • Heat-reflective cool pigment paint reduces the variance from temperature and weather conditions for a consistent shot, every time
  • ILF compatibility means these limbs can be used with a wide variety of risers
  • Reinforced limb tip allows the use of fast flight strings
  • Graphene Foam Core is going to be  faster when compared to a wood core limb