Published January 19, 2024 in Product ReviewsBy Tre Engle

REVIEW: 2024 Darton Sequel

REVIEW: 2024 Darton Sequel

A new addition to Darton’s lineup for 2024, the Sequel is a smooth-drawing and fast firing compound experience. Their new flagship bow comes equipped with a newly designed riser and cam system which allows for a more stable shot and no draw “humps” to get over during the draw cycle.

Darton rep and the winningest archer in World Archery history, Braden Gellenthien, joins P.J. in our review of Darton’s newest flagship. They go over the draw cycle, new cam and riser systems, and specifications. They then take the bow through its paces with a chronograph speed test and a 60-yard grouping challenge. With the Sequel 31 and 33 models, hunting and target archery are options for both bows – a testament to their accuracy and shootability.

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