Published March 14, 2024 in Product ReviewsBy Tre Engle

REVIEW: 2024 Elite Ethos and Kairos

REVIEW: 2024 Elite Ethos and Kairos

New for 2024 from Elite Archery are the Kairos and Ethos. Trust this season to the credibility and accuracy of the Elite Ethos and Elite Kairos to provide the perfect hunting bow. These bows feature ATA speeds reaching up to 340 feet per second and forgiving adjustability to customize your setup to your exact needs. These Elite bows are the epitome of elevated performance. Featuring the same comfortable grip, S.E.T.. technology, and performance mods from the efficient SP cam system, these provide the ultimate in versatility for your bow.

In our review, P.J. breaks down the specs of both models, goes over the features of each bow, and showcases shooting performance out in the field. 

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