Axcel Landslyde Tactical Bowhunting Carbon Pro (.019" 5 pin)


Axcel Landslyde Tactical Bowhunting Carbon Pro (.019" 5 pin)

Item # 1037042


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  • Built for Accuracy and adventure, precision adjustable Firepins within the Accustat II pin guard create an unmatched sight picture now paired with the ruggedly constructed LANDSLYDE sight system
  • Extended elevation adjustment now accommodates a wider variety of set-ups, while incorporating Axcel's Metal Sight Tapes for weatherproof long-range accuracy
  • Two Adjustable Pointers now allows archers to set the gap for two Firepins inside the pin guard, moving targets just got easier to keep in range
  • Quick-Adjust Knob turns smoothly along the rail for precision adjustments and features a press-to-move rapid adjustment
  • Extended micro-adjustable windage accommodates wider risers and more shooters without the use of shims 
  • Individual windage lock and adjustable elevation lock ensure your LANDSLYDE always holds its position
  • Adjustable Dead Stop is Axcel's return-to-zero feature allowing archers to set the 20 yard or "home" position for the slider. This stop when set will ensure a rapid return to the archers desired close distance setting 
  • Quick change thumb screw allows tool-less changing of scopes
  • Bar is designed with the most Advanced Composite Carbon Technology and a higher weight to strength ratio as compared to similar aluminum models
  • Reduced weight when compared to comparable AccuTouch models
  • AccuStat II scope allows you to dial in your brightness with an adjustable rheostat fiber cover, eliminating star-bursting pins


  • True 1st, 2nd, 3rd axis adjustment
  • Dovetail mount featuring a 6" carbon bar
  • 1.75" AccuStat II scope and (5) .019" micro-adjustable Firepins
  • NEW Tactical Bowhunting Finish
  • Dexterity: RH and LH
  • Includes 8 Metal Sight Tapes with 16 settings