Bohning Crossbow Lube Kit

Bohning Crossbow Lube Kit

Item # 1032614 | Catalog Page # 573
Pack 2-pack


This two-package deal comes with Bohnings Lightning Crossbow Lube and their Xccelerator Wax. The lightning crossbow lube provides a protective film, reducing friction and increasing the velocity of your crossbow bolts. The Xcelerator Wax keeps your strings from premature wear, as well as reduces friction on slides, wheels, and rollers. When used together, they keep your crossbow protected and lubed properly.

  • Everything to keep your crossbow lubed and protected
  • Xccelerator Wax is great for reducing friction on slides, wheels, and rollers
  • Lightning Lube comes with a sponge-top applicator
  • Lightning Lube Size: 1.18oz (35ml)
  • Xccelerator Wax Size: 0.57oz (16.1 gram)