Domain Bomb Shell Food Plot Seed

Domain Bomb Shell Food Plot Seed

Item # 1035210


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A unique mix of “superfoods” designed to grow rapidly, mature quickly, and handle the toughest of conditions; including heat, drought, and severe cold. By combining Ethiopian cabbage, forage collards, hybrid forage brassica, and forage turnip you’ll get maximum forage production, great re-growth potential, impressive nutritional value, and unbeatable attractiveness, with maturity in just 40-60 days. This premium mixture of brassicas provides elevated levels of warm season deer forages, high in protein, and can remain green well into winter regardless of location. Cold weather is not required for deer to be attracted and heavy equipment is not required for planting and establishment.

Plant Varieties: Ethiopian Cabbage, Forage Collards, Hybrid Forage Brassica, Forage Turnip

  • Seed Type: Annuals
  • Location: Full Or Partial Sun, Hunt Plot, Backwoods Plot
  • Ph Range: 5.8 - 7.0
  • Soil Type: Well-Drained, Dark/Rich, Sandy, Rocky, Clay
  • Tilling: Minimal Tilling Required, Plow, Disk, Or Hand Rake
  • Fertilizer: 300 Lbs. 19-19-19 Per Acre
  • Seed Depth: 1/4” Or Less
  • Sold in a ½ acre jug

Planting Dates:

  • North: July - Sept
  • Central: July - Sept
  • South: Aug - Oct