Domain Recharge Mineral

Domain Recharge Mineral

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Packed with vitamins and minerals to support growth and immune system health.

Domain’s Recharge deer mineral is a specially formulated mineral-based multi-vitamin supplement designed to support growth and immune system health.  Enhanced with berry infused flavoring and aroma, Recharge is highly digestible and provides maximum nutrient availability and absorption.  Recharge offers your deer herd a well-rounded mineral and vitamin supplement to support overall herd health and can play a key role in your year round deer management program.  Pour one bag of recharge deer mineral directly on the ground or an old stump and refresh every 2-3 weeks.  Greatest consumption will occur from March through August as antlers and fawns are growing, although it is recommended to offer it free-choice on a year round basis.

  • Calcium - 16.80%  Phosphorus - 5.00%   Salt - Min: 27.00% Max: 32.00%
  • Key Ingredients Such As Magnesium, Potassium, Cobalt, Copper, Iodine, Manganese, Selenium, Zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin D-3 And Vitamin E.
  • Sold in a 10 lb bag

This product may be fed on the ground or in an appropriate feeder.  This is balanced feed/mineral should be offered to deer on a free-choice basis as a supplement to the conservation program.

***Do not feed to sheep or other copper-sensitive animals - not for human consumption - offer this product in accordance with local wildlife laws***

Seller warrants that this feed conforms to the description on the label and is suitable for the purpose set forth when used in accordance with the directions for use on said label.