Gray Archery Gray Hawk 1.75" Recurve Vanes

Gray Archery Gray Hawk 1.75" Recurve Vanes

Item # 1032537 | Catalog Page # 128
Pack 50-pack


With unique tangential vane technology, the Gray Hawk vane by Gray Archery is easy to install and more consistent than regular curled vanes. This is achieved thanks to the vane's long attachment tabs, this ensures that the vane does not bend or distort, allowing the natural helical to work the best. A sheet of fletch tape and 60 strips of double-sided adhesive tape are included with the vanes, everything you need to fletch your arrow shafts.


  • Archery Style: Recurve
  • Length: 1-¾”
  • Weight: 1.2 grains
  • Shape: Tangential
  • Available Wing: RW
  • Fletch Tape Included
  • Quantity: 50-pack