Illusion All-In-One Food Plot Systems (1/4 acre)

Illusion All-In-One Food Plot Systems (1/4 acre)

Item # 1034758 | Catalog Page # 502


These Food Plot Systems from Illusion cover a ¼ acre and are amazing solutions to bringing in your target buck!


  • All-In-One Seed & Fertilizer System
  • Pre-measured, ¼ Acre Coverage Applications 
  • 25% More Seed Per Acre (Calculated at Broadcast Rate, Not Drill Rate)
  • Directly Feed Plants w/ Liquid Foliar Fertilizers
  • Easy Application (Designed for Common Spreaders & Sprayers)
  • Engineered to Maximize Tonnage & Attraction Included: (Soil 
  • Starter, Root Booster, Foliage Fuel+)

Easy Greens:

  • Featuring a blend of premium clovers paired with chicory, Easy Greens blankets the terrain with lush greens that come back year after year. This system does not require tilling, making it a simple and easy option to establish a quality food plot
  • Custom Perennial Seed Blend: 4 Clover Varieties + Chicory
  • Spring, Summer & Fall Performance
  • Planting Dates: NORTH: March - June / August - September, CENTRAL: March - May / August - September, SOUTH: February - April / September - October

Prime Time:

  • This cold-tolerant fall/winter performance blend of six choice brassicas is built to attract and sustain a healthy deer herd from the first weeks of the season into the cold months of winter
  • Custom Annual Seed Blend: 6 Brassica Varieties
  • Fall & Winter Performance
  • Planting Dates: NORTH: Late-July to Early-September, CENTRAL: Late-July to September, SOUTH: August to Early-October

4 Seasons:

  • A year-round source of food for deer and other wildlife, the 4 Seasons blend combines perennials and annuals to keep the local herd fed with highly palatable nutrients throughout each season
  • Custom Annual + Perennial Seed Blend: 3 Brassicas, 3 Clovers + Chicory
  • Year-Round; Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter Performance
  • Planting Dates: NORTH: July to Late-August, CENTRAL: Mid-July to September, SOUTH: August - Early-October