K&K Archery 1-3/4" KSL Jet6 Vanes


K&K Archery 1-3/4" KSL Jet6 Vanes

Item # 7080003
Pack 50-pack


  • Here's a unique vane, designed primarily for Olympic recurve archers, that seeks to optimize in-flight spinning, while decreasing wind drag
  • In essence, your arrow recovers quicker from the archers paradox and flies straighter
  • Unparalleled performance
  • Designed with close attention to aerodynamics for the best flight characteristics
  • Controlled flow field around the vanes aid in arrow stabilization in flight
  • Reduces the drag force and alleviates the archers paradox quickly
  • 6 flow points on the vane create a faster flow stream and quicker recovery
  • Length: 1-3/4"
  • Includes: 52 double sided tape strips, and 36 Aero Wraps
  • Weight: 1 grain
  • Sold in packs of 50