Last Chance Archery Revolution Arrow Tuner (Open Box X1037714)


Last Chance Archery Revolution Arrow Tuner (Open Box X1037714)

Item # X1037714


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Great for any home arrow building station and a must-have for any pro shop, the Revolution Arrow Tuner by Last Chance Archery is a real game-changer. From squaring your arrow and insert, tuning broadheads, and checking the straightness of your arrow shaft (down to .001), this tool does it all. Whether you’re a bowhunter, tournament archer, or just shoot for fun, the Revolution Arrow Tuner is for you!


  • Broadhead Tuning: The tuner uses a new method to help correct any broadhead misalignment when installed.
  • Arrow and Insert Squaring: This tuner has a high-precision arrow and insert squaring device with arrow spinners.
  • Dial Indicator: Build into the tuner is a universal broadhead tightening tool.
  • Check Arrow Straightness: You can check an arrow’s straightness using the dial indicator before setup.