Last Chance Revolution Vise Head Organizer

Last Chance Revolution Vise Head Organizer

Item # 1034017 | Catalog Page # 333


Organize your Revolution Vise heads with this simple but needed product. The Revolution Vise Head Organizers are available in 3 mounting options. The bench-mounted organizer can hold up to 4 heads, and the tray and press options can hold up to two heads per organizer. Presses and LCA tool trays can hold two separate organizers so that you have slots for each vise head.

Mounting Options:

  • Tray (which can mount to any LCA tool tray)
  • Press (which can mount to most LCA bow presses)
  • Bench (which can be mounted to your table/bench using included lag bolts/washers)


  • Durable, convenient, simple
  • Holds any Revolution Vise head 
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Tray, Press, or Bench mounting options