OMP Arrow Build Tool Kit with Phoenix Fletching Jig


OMP Arrow Build Tool Kit with Phoenix Fletching Jig

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This arrow build kit contains the essential tools for arrow preparation and maintenance. Outfitted inside the Tech Tool Bag are some of OMP’s arrow care products for home prepping of all skill levels. Kit Includes Phoenix Fletching Jig, Accu-Arrow Digital Archery Scale, Arrow Prep Tool, Vane Stripper, FlightDeck Arrow Spinner, EZ Prep Arrow Cleaner, and STUCK Archery Glue.

The following items are included in this kit:


Phoenix Fletching Jig

Constructed out of rugged diecast and machined aluminum materials for ultimate durability. An oversized base plate with padded rubber feet provides extreme stability. Easy view nock receiver keeps arrows secure and easy to mount in the jig. Fixed slotted arrow tower keeps arrow secured in the same spot on each fletch. Accessory cutouts keep glue and fletchings organized and at arm’s reach.

The offset adjustment knob, channeled clamp tower centerline adjustment screws, and fletch spacing adjustment knob allow the user to easily adjust the jig to fletch arrows in a three-fletch configuration at 120 degrees, four fletches at 75 and 105 degrees for additional sight clearance and a true four fletch 90-degree configuration.

  • Select straight, right helical, left helical clamp or base only
  • Fletch 120° (3 fletch), 90° (4 fletch), 75°x105° (4 fletch “X”)
  • Superior micro adjustability ensures an accurate fletch
  • 5° of offset adjustment right or left at 1° increments
  • Lower shaft angle to reduce glue runoff
  • Access shaft from both sides to easily clean glue runoff
  • Compatible with all arrow diameters
  • Rugged construction & machined aluminum materials
  • Laser ticked adjustment lines for consistent fletching in batches
  • Oversized base plate w/ 4 padded rubber feet for stability
  • 4 accessory cutouts for organization


Accu-Arrow Digital Archery Scale

High capacity, high accuracy digital arrow scale. Features an exclusive arrow and accessory holder that holds arrows and points in place. Conveniently weighs in grains only, 3086 grain max x 0.2 grain accuracy.

  • High Capacity, high accuracy digital scale
  • Arrow retainer included
  • Weighs in grains
  • 3086 grain max x 0.2 grain accuracy
  • 4 3/4″L x 3 1/4″W x 15/16″H


Arrow Prep Tool

Effectively preps arrow shaft for installing points and inserts.

  • Preps an arrow shaft for installing points and inserts
  • Cleans all regular sized .245-.247 ID carbon shafts


Vane Stripper

The Vane Stripper utilizes a single-blade configuration for easy vane and wrap removal. Works on all size arrows from micro diameter to 27s. The rubber grip creates a non-slip grip for maximum leverage. Integrated bottle opener so you can enjoy your favorite beverage while fletching arrows.

  • Single blade design
  • Bottle Opener
  • Rubber Grip
  • Compatible with all arrow sizes


FlightDeck Arrow Spinner

October Mountain Products’ FlightDeck is a professional grade tool for Pro Shops and home use; loaded with features, the FlightDeck spins and squares all types of arrows as well as inserts/outserts. Two trays hold arrow components coupled with three 8-32UNC tapped holes for bore brushes and a patch puller. A rubber-padded bottom holds the FlightDeck in place and the large and small groove nock-turning grooves allow for easy indexing.

  • Prepare to fletch by Spinning, Squaring, and Cleaning with this all-in-one professional arrow prep tool
  • Arrow Spinner and Arrow Square
  • Low-friction spinner
  • Built-in arrow squaring tool
  • Nonslip rubber pad on bottom
  • Includes arrow cleaning components:
  • .22 caliber brass brush
  • .22 caliber slotted jag
  • T6061 aluminum construction


EZ Prep Arrow Cleaner

EZ Prep Arrow Cleaner removes dirt, oil and debris from arrow shafts. Apply cleaner to arrows to increase vane adhesion.

  • Increases vane adhesion
  • No mixing required
  • Removes dirt, oil & debris from arrow shafts
  • Quick-dry formula for fletching within 3 minutes
  • Size: 4 oz.


STUCK Archery Glue.

Formulated to apply with ease and provide a superior, impact-resistant bond. Works on carbon, aluminum and wood shafts. Instantly bonds nocks, vanes, feathers and inserts.

  • Smooth flowing, clean stopping formula
  • Use for fletching, inserts, nocks & other adhesive needs
  • Dries clear (10-25 second glue)
  • Stay-clean cap keeps nozzle clear
  • Includes one Stuck! Glue Tip
  • 1 oz.