Phelps Metal Tube Holder

Phelps Metal Tube Holder

Item # 1035575


The "Metal" Bugle Tube Holder

  • Will Only fit Metal bugle tube
  • Mount it on your backpack hip belt or the side of your backpack.
  • Adjustable tension system to hold your tube secure.
  • 36-inch strap to secure the Bugle Tube holder to your hip belt included

The majority of hunting packs have two side straps, one close to the top and a bottom strap. We suggest if you are going for a side mount you attach the holder to the top strap, this will give you the ability to look over your shoulder and see the holder as you are putting your tube in.

When attaching to your Backpack hip belt, we suggest mounting as far back on your hip belt as possible. This will give you the ability for additional room on your hip belt for your handgun, pouch, etc.