Precision Archery Shot Trainer Pro

Precision Archery Shot Trainer Pro

Item # 1034734 | Catalog Page # 344


Shot Trainer Pro by Precision Archery LLC carries features seen in no other trainer on the market. This product allows the archer to visualize which string fingers apply the most pressure to the bowstring through a bracket that rocks back 
and forth. This same bracket allows the archer to adjust where the bow grip pushes back on 
his/her hand in the up and down direction to train consistency in different grip styles.


  • Grip Hand Placement
  • Grip Hand Pressure Location
  • String Finger Pressure
  • Consistent Anchor Point
  • Back-Tension Release and Follow Through
  • Wrist Torque
  • Left/Right Riser Camber
  • Dexterity RH or LH

Disclaimer: This product is not endorsed by or affiliated with Genesis Archery.
Parts of this product are 3D printed. Layer lines are visible but do not affect the function of the