SICHTKRAFT Target Numbers


SICHTKRAFT Target Numbers

Item # 6750010
Pack 5-pack


• Target Numbers can be used to identify targets in archery and crossbow events, pistol and rifle ranges, as well as biathlon targets and many other uses
• It is made from vinyl film on pp multi-sheet material, so it is thin and lightweight, while also sturdy and weather resistant
• Feature an alternating yellow and black field with either yellow or black numbers
• Special PVC film made in Germany that is designed for outdoor use
• Service life by under vertical outdoor exposure (normal climate of Central Europe) is at least 7 years according to the manufacturer
• Number boards made from polypropylene are way better for the arrows than traditional boards made from wood or hard plastic, if accidentally shot
• Number Boards feature all SICHTKRAFT Scoreboard characteristics:
• Modular system design: Accessories such as mounts and replacement kits fit all SICHTKRAFT Scoreboards
• Weatherproof: The scoreboards can be left outside for long periods of time and they withstand rain, sun and wind
• Multiple ways of mounting, with the multi-mount as ground spike, as stand, on a stick or directly on the target