T.R.U. Ball X-Tension R/T Release (Globo Swivel)


T.R.U. Ball X-Tension R/T Release (Globo Swivel)

Item # 4530489 | Catalog Page # 232


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  • Tri-Star Hook System Makes Loading Quick and Extremely Easy
  • Gone are the days of needing to reset your release between arrows! The ingeniously efficient Tri-Hook System (patent pending) features a series of three hooks that rotate around a dowel pin after each shot, making loading quicker, easier, and simpler than ever before
  • Draw With Both Trigger Levers depressed
  • The first type of trigger activation is a classic tension; release both levers and pull through to activate setting the release at +5 lbs of holding the weight
  • The second type of release activation is the relaxed method; softly release both levers to activate setting release at -5 lbs of holding the weight
  • To determine the required weight, simply find the draw weight of your bow, divide it by the let-off of the cams, and adjust that weight by +/- five pounds
  • If five pounds over or under doesn't feel quite right, the red ring at the base of the release head allows the archer to make micro-adjustments to the amount of tension needed for either method
  • Best-Selling Globo Swivel Connection that Tucks in Your Sleeve When Not In Use