Donation Request

Thank you for inquiring about a donation from Lancaster Archery Supply. Lancaster Archery Supply has been blessed with 40+ years of serving the archery community and exists because of our loyal archery family. Our donation program exists to support non-profit archery-related organizations and events. Due to the high volume of requests we receive, Lancaster Archery Supply has established guidelines to ensure consistency and fairness within our donation process. We are not able to accommodate all requests, but we do our best to meet as many as possible.

Preference will be given to requests from archery clubs and teams, and archery organizations both national and international. Consideration will also be given to conservation organizations and sportsmen organizations hosting archery events.

To ensure a smooth review of your request, we ask that the following guidelines be followed:

  • All requests be submitted through the online form.
  • All requests be submitted at least two months prior to your event.
  • Please allow up to two weeks for review.

    To submit your request and start the review process, please complete the form below.

    Donation Request Form