Sights & Scopes

Shop our curated selection of incredibly durable bow hunting sights along with the most precise tournament sights for both compound and recurve archers. Our archery experts select bow sights and accessories to enhance your accuracy experience and performance, whether in the field or on the range.

Bow Sights

The sight picture can make all the difference in the moment of execution.

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Hunting Sights

Shop our selection of the best Bridge-Lock, dovetail, direct mount, or Picatinny bow sights on the market. Designed for hunting foam targets or dangerous game these sights are equipped for the chase.

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Compound 3D & Target Sights

Dial in the X with a precision tournament sight. Competition Sights allow plenty of travel adjustment for fast and smooth calibration.

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Recurve Target Sights

Win and climb the tournament podium with a recurve target sight designed and calibrated for today's most advanced recurve bows.

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Scopes, Pins, & Apertures

Large or Small

3D & Target Scopes

Select a Compound Target Scope or 3D Scope for your bowsight. Precision scopes lock in your target with machined housings, superb fiber optics, and multiple pin or lens configurations.

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Recurve Sight Pins & Apertures

Find recurve sight pins and World Archery Olympic recurve sight apertures. Shop Sight Pins and Inserts with or without Fiber Optic Dots for cleaner sight pictures and alignment.

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Customize with Accessories

All the sight accessories you would ever need you can find at Lancaster Archery Supply.