LAS Rewards Details

Rewards Membership Tiers

There will be 4 different reward tiers that we are calling a customer's membership status. Qualification for each membership status is based on a customer’s spend amount over the course of 12 months.

Blue Ring Rewards

This is the base membership status. Customers are added to this immediately when they join. Customers that currently have a login or account will automatically be enrolled to this membership status, they do not need to do anything to join. To 'qualify' for this membership status, just sign up! Blue Ring members will earn 1 point for each dollar spent.

Red Ring Rewards

Customers level up to Red Ring Rewards when they have spent a cumulative $250 within the previous 12 months. They will be moved up immediately after they pass $250 spent and

Gold Ring Rewards

Customers level up to Gold Ring Rewards when they have spent a cumulative $750 within the 12 month period. They will be moved immediately after they pass $750 spent and the

X-Ring Rewards

Customers level up to X-Ring Rewards when they have spent a cumulative $1500 within the 12 month period. They will be moved immediately after they pass $1500 spent and the

What is the eligibility period for upgrading my membership status?

Qualifying for a membership upgrade is based on the previous 12 months. This eligibility period is a rolling 12 months which means that if at any point you have spent the qualifying amount in the last 12 months you will be upgraded.
When a new membership status is earned it will remain for a year, or until you upgrade again, whichever comes first.


Blue Ring Rewards = Base Tier; Red Ring Rewards = $250 Spend; Gold Ring Rewards = $750 Spend

- On January 10th ‘24 customer signs up for LAS Rewards and is placed directly into Blue Ring Rewards.
- On January 15th ‘24 customer spends $75
- On April 1st ‘24 customer spends $200
- April 1st ‘24 customer enters in to Red Ring and is eligible for Red Ring
- Member status is a full year and will be re-evaluated on March 31 ‘25 unless they upgrade before then.
- Customer spends $300 on July 1 ‘24
- Customer spends $250 on September 1 ‘24
- Customer Enters into Gold Ring; they are eligible for Gold Ring until August 31 ‘25 unless the upgrade before then.
- On August 31 ‘25 their spend from the last 12 months will either keep them in their tier or downgrade them.

The dates included in this example are only used to show progress through reward upgrades and are not specific dates related to the rewards program rules or behavior.

Can membership status be dropped/lowered?

Yes. Your membership status is active for a year. This means if you spend $250 and level up to Red Ring, you will be a Red Ring Member for the following 12 months. When that period ends, your member status will be reevaluated. If you have met the Red Ring requirements in that 12 months then you will continue to maintain that status. If you have not met those requirements your status is downgraded to whichever status you now qualify for.

Do point multipliers in the reward level work on reward point promotions?

No. Regardless of your membership status, if Lancaster Archery Supply is running a sale or promotion where you earn a bonus 10x on purchases you will earn only the promoted amount of points, In this case that would be 10 points per dollar. Points promotions override any tier multiplier perks.

How do customers redeem reward points?

You can redeem points during checking with the drop down menu that will show up. 100 Points = $1.00. Redemption amounts start at $5 and increase from there up to $250. Only one reward can be redeemed at a time. Available redemption amounts may vary during promotions.

Do reward points expire?

Yes. Reward points will expire after 24 months of inactivity in your rewards account. Earning and redeeming your rewards will both keep your account active. Simply browsing or visiting the website does not contribute to rewards account activity. 

What is the LAS Punch Card?

This operates just like a punch card at a coffee shop. When you make 5 purchases over $50 you will receive a 1500 point bonus. All purchases must be made while you are a X-Ring Rewards Member. You can check the status and progress of your LAS Punch Card in your Rewards History.


There are restrictions on who is eligible for the LAS Rewards Program and the upgraded memberships. LAS Rewards membership tiers are only available to online retail customers. Customers placing orders over the phone or in-store are not eligible. Other restrictions to LAS Rewards memberships may be applied at the discretion of Lancaster Archery Supply. 


Products, collections, and promotions may be excluded from earning rewards points. These exclusions include but are not limited to Gift Cards.


Lancaster Archery Supply reserves the right to make changes to the customer loyalty program at any time, with or without notice. Examples include but are not limited to adding restrictions, changing qualification requirements, adding or removing loyalty tiers, and termination the program.

Rewards earnings and membership benefits can be changed or removed at any time. Users can have their profile, rewards, points, tiers, and any other loyalty benefit removed at will by Lancaster Archery Supply. Reasons for removal include but are not limited to program abuse, inappropriate behavior, fraud, and inactivity. Removals are at the discretion of Lancaster Archery Supply.

For any questions regarding this program, please contact support.

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