365 Archery 52" 5 Core High Performance Target System

365 Archery 52" 5 Core High Performance Target System

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  • The 52" 5 Core XL Target was designed for archery clubs and ranges that are looking for an all-foam target that will last several tournaments and yet offer easy arrow removal
  • Each of the 4-14" and 1-10" yellow cores are replaceable and can be rotated to the 6 shooting surfaces
  • 365 Archery's "self-healing" proprietary foam will withstand the abuse of several tournaments before the yellow cores will need to be replaced at a fraction of the cost of a new target
  • The 365 Archery proprietary "self-sealing" foam provides superior stopping power, even for crossbow bolts
  • The outer cradle that contains the center core, provides for an additional arrow stopping area for those occasional errant shots and reducing or eliminating the need for additional backstops
  • When all six sides of the center cube have been shot out, you can simply purchase a new center for a fraction of the cost of most typical foam targets on the market
  • Dimensions: 52" black outer diameter (7" thick center) 1-10" replaceable core and 4-14" replaceable cores
  • Weight: 145 lbs

Note: This item is designed as a range target to accommodate many unique target backdrops or custom range walls. As such it requires a stand or support structure to be used as intended.