Ani-Logics Crush Caveman Blend 3.5lb Bag


Ani-Logics Crush Caveman Blend 3.5lb Bag

Item # 1031516 | Catalog Page # 501


  • CRUSH® SEEDS OF SCIENCE™ Caveman Blend™ is a killer food plot mix, so easy to grow, even a caveman can do it
  • Nothing is more frustrating than planting a food plot that never grows
  • This easy-start, quick-growing blend helps those of us, who despite our good efforts, struggle to establish a usable food plot
  • The easy, no-till formula, gives you a ready-to-hunt green food source in as little as 2-3 weeks, making it a great late summer/early fall plant
  • Blend Contents: Crimson Clover, Forage Turnips, Rape, and Ryegrass
  • Plant in: Fall
  • Annual
  • For best results, plant when forecast calls for rain within 10 days of planting
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs
  • Coverage: 1/4 acre