Ani-Logics CRUSH Signature Series Granular Attractant 5lb


Ani-Logics CRUSH Signature Series Granular Attractant 5lb

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Ani-Logics Crush Signature Series Sugar Beet Granular Deer Attractant, 5lbs
  • Something sweet is hard to beet Whitetails are like humans in the fact that they simply cannot resist a sweet treat, but this attractant is more than tasty – it’s nutritious, too; containing key micro-minerals, essential oils, & probiotics
Ani-Logics Crush Signature Series Wild Berry Granular Deer Attractant, 5lbs
  • Take a fresh new approach to deer attraction by offering your deer herd the irresistible temptation of sweet ripe berries Key bone-building minerals, health-promoting essential oils, and immune-boosting probiotics give your deer the critical nutrients necessary to promote deer health and increase antler growth
  • Flavored with luscious wild berries, this grain-based attractant boasts nutrition
Ani-Logics Crush Signature Series Persimmon Granular Deer Attractant, 5lbs
  • Don’t limit the power of persimmon to nature’s growing season This sweet fruit is native to the southern states and is naturally high in beneficial nutrients
  • CRUSH® Ani-Signature Series™ Persimmon Attractant to the next level with added vitamins, minerals, probiotics, & essential oils
Ani-Logics Crush Signature Series Acorn Granular Deer Attractant, 5lbs
  • Acorns have long been known as a superior deer attractant CRUSH®️ Ani-Signature Series™️ Acorn puts the tempting power of acorns to work for you, attracting and holding deer on your hunting ground
  • Not only does it offer amazing attraction, but it also gives your herd healthy vitamins, minerals, probiotics and essential oils; offering optimal nutrition with unrivaled attraction
Ani-Logics Crush Signature Series Apple Granular Deer Attractant, 5lbs
  • Apples have a long-standing reputation as a superior whitetail attractant
  • We crushed apples and mixed them with our proprietary attractant to create the ultimate deer attractant, then we added the good stuff – minerals, essential oils, and probiotics; all for the betterment of the deer in your woods