Archers Eye Final Vision Clarifier Lens


Archers Eye Final Vision Clarifier Lens

Item # 1031270


  • The Peep Sight "Final Vision"  offers space for corresponding clarifiers. Our precision cut clarifiers meet the high standard of the Peep sight industry
  • If you use a lens with power in your sight, you should use a matching clarifier in the peep sight which rectifies the image you see
  • At very low magnifications a clarifier can be omitted - with increasing distance to the lens and increasing lens powers a clarifier is needed
  • The suitable clarifier for the respective lens power can be selected according to the chart
  • 6 different sizes to choose from  
  • Attention: Every vision is different - therefore these specifications are to be used as guideline values from which the personal adjustment can deviate.
  • The clarifiers will also fit into the Podium series from Specialty Archery