Archers Eye Final Vision Peep Kit


Archers Eye Final Vision Peep Kit

Item # 1031269


  • The first fully adjustable peep sight for archery
  • The companies CENTRA-Visier and Arc & Us have teamed up to redefine the standards of peep sight technology
  • With a total of two apertures, it is possible to choose an aperture size between 0.7mm 1/32" and 4.5mm 11/64"
  • The "Target" version has an aperture size from 0.7mm 1/32" to 2.4mm 3/32".
  • The "Hunting" version goes from 2.4mm 3/32 to 4.5mm 11/64"
  • The size can be changed by simply turning the front knurl "
  • Choose the housing color and peep sight angle along with the  Iris and shade version to complete your new Peep Sight System 
  • 4 Peep Sight housings with angles 41°, 45°, 49°, and 53°  with 9 different colors options
  • Choosing the right angle for your bow setup can be found in the Chart below
  • Housing constructed from machined aluminum

Manufacturer Downloads

See the correct string angle chart Here.

See the correct Archer's Eye Final Vision Clarifier chart Here and Here.