Archery Fundamentals 2nd Edition Book by Teresa Johnson


Archery Fundamentals 2nd Edition Book by Teresa Johnson

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• Archery is one of the hottest sports out there, and there's no better introduction to the sport than Archery Fundamentals, Second Edition
• Stay on target with all the essential information needed to learn recurve, compound, or traditional shooting
• From stringing your bow to learning basic shooting technique, instructions and accompanying photographs will guide you through every step of the shot
• Get step-by-step instructions on aiming, shooting, tuning and maintaining equipment
• You'll also find insider tips for choosing, adjusting, and maintaining archery equipment as well as recommendations for using accessories to improve your accuracy
• You'll discover how to correct errors and fine-tune your approach
• Also includes information on target and field archery competitions, and if you want to compete, you'll appreciate our how-tos for trying archery tournaments
• Archery Fundamentals is a better, faster, and safer way to learn the basics. With this book, you'll have as much fun learning the art of shooting as you'll have hitting your target!
• Paperback; 176 pages

Chapter 1 Bows
Chapter 2 Arrows
Chapter 3 Accessories
Chapter 4 Shooting Recurve
Chapter 5 Shooting Compound
Chapter 6 Alignment, Anchor Points, and Releases
Chapter 7 Taking Aim
Chapter 8 Maximizing Performance
Chapter 9 Scoring
Chapter 10 Equipment Maintenance and Repair
Chapter 11 Competition
Chapter 12 Traditional Archery
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