Axcel AVX-41 .029 Fiber Ring Pin w/ Rheostat Cover


Axcel AVX-41 .029 Fiber Ring Pin w/ Rheostat Cover

Item # 1036973


The largest pin diameter available for the Axcel AVX-41 Scopes. At .029", this fiber optic pin is more visible than .010" and .019" pins, which makes it excellent for closer range archery. This pin diameter is a great choice for indoor shooting, too.

The included Rheostat Cover allows you to adjust the brightness of your fiber optic and eliminate the starburst of pins that are too bright. This is helpful in low light situations like ground blinds.  

  • Axcel Archery AVX-41 Scope Fiber Optic Ring Pin
  • Pin Diameter: .029"
  • Adjustable Rheostat Cover
  • Patented technology for quick interchangeability of ring pins
  • Available Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow