Axcel Curve CX Pro Compound Scope

Axcel Curve CX Pro Compound Scope

Item # 4530361


• The Curve CX Pro Scope includes several features that have never been offered in the compound marketplace before
• Pro model features a Fire Ring Pin that allows an archer to easily change from one fiber size or color to another without losing accuracy. Approximately 8” of fiber optic supplies increased illumination to the fiber pin, yet still meets World Archery (FITA) rules and guidelines
• Pro model also features a Rheostat Cover to control brightness of the pin quickly under varying lighting conditions, including the elimination of the starburst effect

Curve CX Pro Compound Scope Includes:
• 14mm Aperture Scope Body
• Scope Barrel & #10/32 Stainless Steel Threaded Rod Connection
• Lens Retainer
• Ring Pin Retainer
• Spacer Sleeve (use when Fire Ring Pin is not installed)
• Level Vial Bracket