Axcel Curve RX Pro Recurve Scope

Axcel Curve RX Pro Recurve Scope

Item # 4530355 | Catalog Page # 156


  • The Curve RX Pro Scope includes several features that have never been offered in the recurve marketplace before
  • The pro model features a Fire Ring Pin that allows an archer to easily change from one fiber size or color to another without losing accuracy 
  • The slotted design allows for the installation of The Curve Fire Ring Pin in 4 indexable locations 12, 3, 6, and 9 O'clock for the brightest aiming reticle meeting World Archery regulations
  • Approximately 8” of fiber optic supplies increased illumination to the fiber pin, yet still meets World Archery (FITA) rules and guidelines
  • The pro model also features a Rheostat Cover to control the brightness of the pin quickly under varying lighting conditions, including the elimination of the starburst effect
  • 0X power lens is drilled to accept stick fiber for those preferring subtle aiming points
  • Stick-on reticles may be used in conjunction with the lens for optimal indoor aiming conditions 
  • Aperture shape provides a tunnel aiding in the visualizing of consistent bow side technique 
  • Unique aperture discs allow for masking target faces and bale shapes for the best possible sight picture 

  • 14mm Aperture Scope Body
  • #8/32 Stainless Steel Threaded Rod Connection
  • Round Aperture Discs (3/8”, 7/16”, 1/2”)
  • Square Aperture Disc
  • O-Ring (use with aperture disc and no lens)
  • Lens Retainer
  • Ring Pin Retainer
  • Spacer Sleeve (use when Fire Ring Pin is not installed)
  • Clear Targets “X-Zone” (0x) Zero Power Drilled Lens
  • Red and Green Fiber Sticks (20mm maximum to meet WA rules and regulations)
  • Precision Archery Reticles Small Dot Sticker Kit (Black) (use in place of stick fiber