Axcel X-Vibe Adjustable Weight Damper (Old SKU)


Axcel X-Vibe Adjustable Weight Damper (Old SKU)

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  • This dampener attaches to the outer diameter of the carbon rod and pinches rubber tight against the carbon with a 3 oz stainless steel weight to ensure spectacular shock absorption at the initial shot of the bow and throughout the remainder of the shot sequence
  • The X-Vibe can slide the entire length of the carbon bar, so you can put the vibration damper where you want it
  • However, the best results are between three and four inches from the end of the stabilizer
  • The new X-VIBE comes standard with the AXCEL© CarboFlax© Acclaim 550 Stabilizer
  • Compatible with any bar in the 0.550" size diameter
  • The AXCEL© X-VIBE is covered by US Pat. 10,655,927, licensed through Mathew's© Inc.
  • Color: stainless steel