BAP Vise/EZ-Press Micro Bundle

BAP Vise/EZ-Press Micro Bundle

Item # 2950023 | Catalog Page # 318


  • Turn your LCA EZ Press into a tuning station
  • Set nock height, install accessories, perform 2nd and 3rd axis tuning all in one spot
  • New BAP Slide-in EZP Mount Holds vise and bow even better than the original
  • BAP bow vise combines with BAP's New Style slide-in EZPress mount and micro adjuster for making fine-tuning your bow easier than ever
  • Vise can still be mounted to a workbench alone, screwed to benchtop or mounted to 1 5/8" unistrut
  • Use with micro adjuster attached to EZP mount for an all-in-one tuning station


  • Height: 4.600
  • Width: 11.000